Thursday, September 20, 2007

Some Good News

We got some good news today in our CHI Vietnam update today,they got five referrals today and 3 were girls. That many girls at one time is rare. Maybe it will not end up being the two year wait we were told. I just have to hold on the what Brandon says, "God's time is perfect time". I actually had a really great dream last night about Abby. We were with her in Vietnam playing in a park, it was wonderful,very real. Then I was awoken by Brandon, asking me to put ear drops in his ear, GOOD MORNING!!. Anyway, that email made my day and gave me hope:)


thost said...

This may show up twice, as I am "challenged" this morning: I could not remember my password and have had to create a new one!!!! remember when life was easy and we didn't have to remember a million passwords????

Brandon is correct!!!!!

I have a belief that God puts us WHERE we are supposed to be, WHEN we are supposed to be there.

Maybe 'your' Abby has not been born yet...and you must wait patiently for God to make all His specific arrangements. Try to be patient...I'm sure it will be worth the wait!!!

thost said...

OH boy!! the second attempt actually WORKED!!! I feel better now! Perhaps I will have to leave this page open on my computer permanently so that I can access it without feeling like a dummy in the future!