Sunday, September 21, 2008

The waiting is the hardest part

We are in a holding pattern right now of waiting. Waiting for immigration to contact Brandon for his fingerprinting so we can wait for FBI clearance,waiting for immigration to switch our adopting country from Vietnam to China,waiting for immigration to grant us permission to adopt an orphan from overseas. All this is what is holding up our paperwork from being sent to China. Where we will WAIT to be logged in,then we will WAIT for our acceptance letter then we will WAIT for permission to travel. I have been waiting for this a long time. Five years of waiting just to get to this exciting point of waiting. Now that I have a picture and a face of a little girl who is WAITING for me, it is much harder to wait. Don't these people know I am NOT a good "waiter". Which is why I celebrate "Family Christmas" on the 23rd of December and why anyone close to me knows not to send me a gift unless you want me to open it then and not wait. I know God's timing is perfect and there must be some reason for all this waiting but When I see how much she has grown,when I look at that little face and I imagine her here playing with all the things that are waiting for her... the waiting is truly the hardest part!

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Our Journey to Leilah Grace said...

The wait is the hardest part it seems...watching your daughter grow, but it will happen in His time, and it will be the perfect time for all of you! Your dd is beautiful, and she will be thrilled to pieces with her new doll house! what a great Grandfather she has.
Sheri W. (Leilah Di's Mommy)