Thursday, February 7, 2008

Happy New Year- The Year of the Rat

Today is the the Chinese New Year or Tet as it is called in Vietnam. It is the biggest celebration of the Asian countries. The celebrating will go well into next week. I know this because we were told NOTHING will happen with the adoption process until probably the 15th because everything is closed. The U.S.needs to celebrate this,in the middle if the long winter,everyone just takes a week off and spends it with their family(in FLORIDA). We did get some good news this week,we are #131, which is 10 better than we thought. The Lord willing we will at least have a picture by this time next year. Let's hope the year of the Rat is a good one:)

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Teresa said...

boy, I am having a horrible time with this blog sight - I can never remember how to get into it, what my user name is, or what my password is!!!! I feel like such a dope every time I attempt to post a comment.

I agree that the U.S. needs a mid- winter celebration...preferably it should be held someplace WARM, with snow forbidden!

I was happy to hear your good news of being higher on the "list" than you thought. Another happy "bonus" on your Road to Abigail.

I am looking forward to our date next month. Hopefully it will be in the 40's by then. oxoxoxo