Monday, February 25, 2008

Super Grandpa

Well,as you can see Grandpa Grimm has been very busy working on the dollhouse. It has been quite a project as each shingle has to be glued on. It's going to be amazing when it's finished. Today is eight months waiting for Abby's referral. Today I am feeling down, eight months and we still have 127 people in front of us. Also there is a terrible virus going through the orphanages in Vietnam. Nine babies in just one orphanage have died from lack of medical treatment. One of those babies was a referral of a families whos blog I follow. It's very sad. Please pray that no more children will die from this terrible virus and pray for spring.

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Teresa said...

WOW!!! Grandpa Grimm is amazing! The house looks great. Now you get to decorate and furnish it - and I am sure it will give you many hours of fun doing so, although once Abigail gets to your house, you will have to make it "little girl" friendly for a few years, until she is old enough to have more sophisticated items in it.

[I have just been researching the "Fairy Castle Dollhouse" that is at the Museum of S&I. It was built by silent film star Colleen Moore, at a cost of 1/2 Million dollars. It has lights, running water, books signed by the authors...amazing! One of the books has a picture of Colleen sitting in one of the rooms! It is truly fascinating.]

I have been in a few dollar stores that have had dollhouse furniture [and bought a few pieces for myself.] You should look for some for your house - they are a great value for just a buck!

Ok - you are feeling a little bad that you are #127 on the list. When I read that, I thought, "Wow, they moved up 4 places already!" I guess, since it is not me waiting so patiently, the wait does not seem so long. Hang in there! God has a plan and you just have to "work" with his time frames.

I will say a prayer for the good health of all babies, and especially the ones that are at risk of illness, all over the world. We are so fortunate to have raised healthy kids and have medical facilities available to us, that we sometimes forget how it can be in other places. What can be a minor illness for us can be lethal in places without good medical care .