Friday, June 13, 2008


Well,we had our home visit yesterday and it's all a little overwhelming! We basically are completely starting over with the home study,we have important documents expiring,issues with "switching countries", paper work coming out our ears,Brandon becoming an "adult"in September,which is a whole other problem as far as paperwork is concerned.
Last night I went to bed and cried. I am already exhausted from all we have gone through for the past few years,the paperwork,the disappointments,the waiting and then I saw this glimmer of hope. I now feel as if overnight someone has dropped a brick wall in front of it. I prayed that God would give me strength and direction and he has answered. I called a friend who has already adopted from China and basically had melt down. She is amazing in her knowledge and clarity of it all. She is helping me(a lot!). I feel like she is truly heaven sent because I don't know if I could do it all by myself.Thank God for the angels among us!
As much as I am excited and eager to hear about pre-approval,a part of me hopes it takes a while because as soon as we have that,the 3 month clock starts ticking. I know I have to just give it all to God and let his plan and timing happen. Whew- I feel better already.

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Anne said...

Hi Lori! yes, sometimes receiving the blessings of God can be hard work! and it takes a lot of faith! it's so cool how God sends people along the way, though, to help encourage us when we are weak and have faith for us when we are doubting. It's so good to know you are NOT alone in this journey!