Monday, June 9, 2008

coincidence or a "sign"??

The other day I was surfing the web. I made a stop at eBay and was putting in random words that came to mind. I decided to put in "Lian" since that is technically the waiting girl's name we are hoping to adopt and up pops this Cherished Teddy named Lian. A bear designed from China with "Our Friendship Spans Many Miles" stamped on the bottom.As some of you know I used to collect Cherished Teddies. I stopped after they had made a bear with every member of my families name. I sat their dumb founded at the thought that A) there was even a Chinese bear made and B) of all the names that it could have it has the same name as "our girl". I know to some it is nothing,just a coincidence but for me it was a moment that my heart skipped a beat.
I had another moment today that my heart skipped a beat. I called the agency because I was wondering when we could start the process for the pre-approval. She told me it has already been sent with our letter of intent to China. I guess the financial info we filled out and agency application, along with family photos have already been sent to China requesting pre-approval. We could know in as little as a week whether we are pre-approved or not. WOW! We have our home visit on Thursday. I am little nervous. I'm not sure why,we have had two before with the other agency but this is a new person. I guess I'm afraid she'll check a closet and decide it's too messy and we're not fit to parent a child LOL. I'm really trying to stay grounded and not let my heart get in too deep but it's hard. I find myself daydreaming about her all the time.
Every night when I pray I give this adoption to God and trust that he knows what is best for everyone involved. Hopefully,that is this very long,hard journey has all been so we could find this child and bring her home to her forever family.

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