Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I am getting excited

It is all starting to sink in that this time my dream may actually come to pass. That we are going to have a daughter! I was in Target today and I passed the little girl section, stopped as my heart skipped a beat and proceeded to look around with joy and anticipation. We have our last visit with our SW on July 23rd,hopefully our home study will be done soon. I spoke with the agency which told me now that we have approval and have begun working on the dossier,they can request updated photos and measurements of Lian Qing. I think the ones I have are about a year old. That really excited me as well.I feel a calm,that God is with us and now that I have given up control and given it to him,everything is going to be OK.

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Norma said...

our Grace was 4 when we adopted her. today she is a smart, beautiful and funny preteen of 11. she is the middle of our three girls and we love her to bits. good luck and God'd blessings. what an adventure.