Sunday, July 27, 2008

What's up

We had our final home study visit with the social worker and she hopes to have the updated home study done in about 2 weeks. We are beginning to gather documents for our dossier(paperwork for China). I am really hoping to have our portion done by early September so the adoption agency can do what they have to and get it to China!
You may have noticed I changed the name at the top of the blog to Abby-Grace. We have talked a lot about what to do about her name. We don't want to completely ignore the fact that right now her name is Lian Qing, however our family has called this faceless dream of a child Abby for 5 years, I definitely wanted "Grace" some where because it is only by the GRACE of GOD we are receiving this gift.I thought long and hard and remembered this darling little girl at school who's name is Alexis-Grace and so after talking with Chuck, her name will be Abby-Grace Lian Grimm. We will start calling her Lian when we first meet and gradually teach her Abby.
I did a little clearance shopping at Target. It was so fun to look through the little girl section. I don't really know her size but I thought I'd be safe with a 5.(she is suppose to be a little peanut.) I got a pair of shorts, a little top and a giraffe raincoat all for seven bucks.I can't even tell you the feeling in my heart when I think about this actually happening. I am going to have a daughter! After 5 long years of dreaming and praying and waiting and crying and crying some more, it looks like God is finally leading us to where she is.

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