Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Happy Birthday Lian Qing( Abby-Grace)

Today is Abby's 5th birthday and though I am on a ship having my every whim attended to,I can't help but be a little sad when I think that there is a little girl in China turning 5 today(probably many)that has never had a birthday cake, or a present or people to sing to her. Today will be like every other day in the orphanage. Little does she know a half a world away her waiting family will be celebrating her and her birthday tonight. We will have cake,we will sing to her, we will give thanks to God that through his grace this will hopefully be the last birthday in the orphanage and that 1 year from now there will be a celebration all about her and the fact that she was born into this world matters. If you read this on her birthday, say a little birthday prayer that the adoption moves smoothly and quickly, our prayers are the best gift we could give her!


Donna said...

We spent the weekend with a precious little girl named Abigail Grace! How ironic!

And our daughter is from Shenzhen!

Maybe a good sign that things are going to fall into place soon and your sweet girl will be home!

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dwayne and melanie said...

Happy Birthday, Abby Grace