Thursday, November 13, 2008

To Abby with Love

Here is Abby's Christmas gift that is on its way to China. A musical Pooh bear and two Chinese sticker paper doll books.I was thrilled to find the one with the doll named Lian since her Chinese name is Lian Qing Who knows whether they will ever reach her hands but I bought duplicates of everything so in case she does ever play with them, she can make the connection. I can tell her how we were on the other side of the world missing and loving her. Still no paper from Immigration.I think Christmas is going to be a bit emotional for me this year. Since my dad died,it doesn't take much to make the tears start during the holiday season,happy or sad. So this year with a picture of a sad little girl(that is my daughter) on my fridge, it should be real interesting. I cried when I put it in the Ziploc bag, I cried when I wrote out the label. I cry when I think about her getting it and I cry when I think about her NOT getting it because she doesn't even know about us yet. Hopefully, God's plan and my plan are similar and next year she will be here and all this pain and waiting will be a distant memory. How can you love someone so much that you have never met???

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