Friday, January 2, 2009


I know it has been a while since I checked in...busy,busy,busy.
Our paperwork is now at the Chinese Consulate waiting to be logged in. I know.. that's what I said last time. When Mr.Li from the agency was translating it, he thought the notary issue we had back in Oct/Nov would be a problem for our application letter, which is basically us telling the Chinese government our plan for Abby and promising to never mistreat her. Anyway,that involved us re-doing the letter, notarizing, authenticating and certifying it. All during the worst December Chicago has seen in a long time,which is saying A LOT. Anyway, It is finally where it needs to be waiting to be logged in.
Something else exciting is our agency put us in contact with the two other families we will be traveling with. We have been emailing,it is always an awesome thing to hear other's journey and how God has worked in their lives.
I am so excited about all the changes 2009 brings. Abby of course but also Brandon graduating and going on to start his ministry degree,Cameron getting to sing at Disney World and starting High school. It's all so awesome. 2009- I keep saying "the year dreams come true" I am so ready!!!!

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