Sunday, February 22, 2009

Shopping Fun

I took advantage of the new measurements that were sent with the pictures last week and did a little shopping for Abby-Grace. It was FUN FUN FUN!! I can't go too crazy because the measurements are not always reliable. The agency said to buy one outfit smaller and one larger than what you think they wear. I was also given some cute hand me downs.(Thanks Angie and Tina). Most of the stuff I bought was on sale and I found shirts at Walmart for a dollar. You just can't pass up a bargain like that. My "Splurge" purchase were the adorable jeans I have pictured. Once I saw they said "Dreams Do Come True" They were MINE or should I say HERS! It will be so amazing when I can actually have her with me shopping(atleast until she's a teenager:)and I know that it fits her. I also can't wait for our LOA(letter of approval) then I can send her something and she will probably get it because they will tell her she is going to be adopted. I want to send a small photo album(like a brag book) with pictures of all the people and places that will be part of her new world. Looking ahead this week, the upstairs bedroom goes from blue to pink and it officially becomes"Abby's room". I promise to post pictures as the transformation takes place. What a day it will be the first time I can walk her upstairs and show her all the things we picked out for her with hope and love in our hearts. I hope she can feel all that love and hope we have for our future together. Thank you God for this gift that I know I don't deserve, your Grace is truly amazing. I will be reminded of this grace every time I say her name.

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Dori's Mommy (Diana) said...

Cute clothes! I hope Abby-Grace gets to wear them SOON!