Monday, February 23, 2009

Tickled Pink

Today the painter came and transformed Cameron's former bedroom into a pink room for Abby Grace. When I left for work it was blue and when I came home,I went upstairs and saw the pastel pink walls. Suddenly all these feelings came rushing through me... I think I am going to have a daughter.This is going to be her bedroom,where I will read her bedtime stories and teach her bedtime prayers. We will have tea parties and mom/daughter talks. If through the Grace of God, we are in trusted with this child to be in our family...what a gift. I am already so blessed with my two boys and I realize how in my younger days,out of ignorance, I took those gifts for granted. I think because those gifts came fairly easy. I wanted to have a baby and a few months later I was pregnant.Nine months later, I had a beautiful healthy baby boy. With this adoption taking 5 years,set back after set back, the heart breaking nights of questions,doubt and tears,wondering if this dream would ever come true. It has been SO long and hard but it has taught me so much about appreciation especially for the gifts you already have,giving up control but not giving up your dream and finally, trusting that my heavenly Father has a plan for my life. It is not my plan but his,it is not my timing but his and if I just have faith he will show me HIS way. My prayer now is that I will soon hear the words I have been longing for 5 years. "We received your Letter of Approval,you're going to China to pick up your daughter. Oh what a joyful day it will be....

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