Saturday, March 28, 2009

Preparing for Abby-Grace

Here are some photos of Chuck and I signing the "Letter of Acceptance" for Lianqing and her bedroom so far. Her room still needs a few finshing touches and I'll re-post when we get that done. I was excited to share what we have done so far. The agency said I could send her a welcome bag. I am going to send her a photo album. I have to get photos of faces and places that will be part of her new life. It is suppose to make the transition easier. I am also going to send a toy and maybe some candy for the older children at the orphanage. What an exciting time.:)

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Meizhi's Mom said...

I have some more things for that room...hopefully I can get out of my funk long enough to get things wrapped and shipped to you. Or..perhaps we could make a house call soon?

Erin and Meizhi