Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter Abby-Grace

Well,it is Easter morning, I am sitting in the quiet after hiding the eggs and I just got this wave of missing Abby. I am SO close and yet so far away. Oh how I wish she was up sleeping in her bed or even better too excited about the bunny to sleep. Another holiday without her and though my heart is filled with excitment and joy at how close we are to getting her..I feel the tug of heartache on this day of family.Hopefully, this is the last holiday without her.
I almost have her welcome bag finished.The photo album is taking longer than I thought. I bought a mother/daughter necklace, where the two parts fit together to make a heart,it is on a satin cord. I would love it if she had it on when we meet her on "gotcha day". It is my favorite thing in her bag.
Easter is a day filled with hope that our heartaches and sadness are not the end of the story. God has good things planned in the days ahead. When I think about where I was a year ago and how close I am to having a daughter now,I am an awe of God's grace and feel So blessed and isn't that what it's all about. Happy Easter!

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Teresa said...

I don't know who came up with the phrase "All good things come to those who wait" but whoever it was must have been thinking of situations like this: you and your family have been so incredibly patient and have waited.....and waited, and waited! And now the end of the wait and the beginning of having a daughter are so near!

We could sit and tell stories of our childhood, and go on forever about Gramma T, and for the most part these memories would be of silly and strange things she did and said. She was silly and strange, without a doubt. But she once said to me some of the most profound words ever spoken: When Missy was only a few months old, Gram said to me, "You are so Lucky to have a Daughter!"

No truer words have ever been spoken!!! Over the last 28 years, her words have echoed in my ear, over and over and over again. Through infancy, the preschool, years, childhood, high school, college, and adulthood; in every stage and every phase, I hear Gram telling me, "You are so Lucky to have a Daughter!"

You will soon have your daughter and I know that Gram's words will echo in your ears, too. I hope I am on the sidelines for many more decades and get to share in the delight of the relationship between Abby and her beautiful, loving Mother.