Friday, January 18, 2008


Today I met with Brandon's English teacher, who recently returned from Vietnam. She adopted a baby boy. It was a very encouraging visit,as she showed me pictures of Vietnam,the orphanage and told me of her trip. There is much more to see there then I realized. She eased a lot of my anxieties about cultural differences. She enjoyed the food and said her experience with the Vietnamese people was wonderful. Many came up to her and said"lucky baby" One young girl came up to her and said"no mother, No father" She pointed to her son and said "New mother,New Father" Thank You. She said it was very touching. It was so great talking to someone who has been through it all. The last thing she said to me really touched my heart. she said, " I know sometimes it is hard to wait but you will end up with YOUR child ,the one that was meant for you and your family. Hearing that makes waiting a little bit easier.

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