Saturday, January 5, 2008

Grandpa to the Rescue

Well,after sitting for 6 months in our family room,much to my dismay nothing had been done on the dollhouse we bought last summer. Chuck mentioned it to his dad and he said he'd take a look at it. We gave it to him on January 1st and what this man has accomplished in 4 stinkin' days is amazing!! Go Ernie Go. We dropped off paint yesterday. I am so excited now at the idea of this actually getting done & I am so gratful that he was willing to put the time and effort into this. I am hoping to keep putting pictures up as it progresses


thost said...

Grandpa's are truly a wonderful asset to life! Bless yours for his talent and his willingness to help out with the project. Keep posting his progress, I am interested in seeing it.

Actually, the reason I am interested is that I want to be part of what we might call "phase 2" - that house it going to need things to furnish it: quilts, doilies, afghans, throw rugs, etc. I can produce any or all of those things [and probably a good deal more than that! If you can think it, I can make it!]


So, if you have any ideas in your head already, please let me know. If you haven't thought about it - well, get busy!

thost said...

You never got back to me about what kinds of cute things you might like to furnish your dollhouse with, so I didn't wait for you-- I got a couple books from the library, some polymer clay, some thin crochet thread, and I have been having a ball making itty bitty things!!! What FUN!!!!