Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The End Of The Road??????

Well, I haven't written in a long time because I kept hoping I would have something good or encouraging to write. Things regarding Vietnam adoptions have been getting progressively worse. The U.S. and Vietnam were suppose to meet sometime in March to come up with a new agreement, which expires 8/30/08.For some reason an agreement must be made 6 months prior to signing. Well, March 31st has come and gone and neither side has made any attempts to come up with a new agreement or even set up talks. So on August 30th Vietnam will officially be closed for adoptions. Any family without it's paperwork logged in at Vietnam will not receive a referral for a child until it re-opens under a new agreement. The last time this happened it was 2 years before it re-opened. So basically we need a miracle for this adoption to happen. 26 families have to receive a referral before we will even get the go ahead to start our paperwork. Even if we made that, it takes months to get your paper work completed, authenticated,sent to the U.S. embassy, translated and sent on to the officials in Vietnam. So things are not looking good for us. Chuck and I both agreed this was our last attempt. If something bad happened, we would have to just take it as a "no" from God. We haven't officially "quit" the adoption because it doesn't cost us anything to sit for awhile and see what happens. I guess I am still holding out that God will step in and save the day. My heart has been breaking these past weeks as I try to come to terms with these facts. There is probably never going to be an Abby, I will probably never give her all the special things I have waiting for her, I will never have my moment, when our eyes meet and I finally get to hold her. I still have a tiny glimmer of hope in my heart but everyday the news from the adoption world gets worse so it's all In God's hands now.... :(

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