Friday, May 15, 2009

One Year Ago Today

One year ago today I first saw Lianqing's sweet little face. This photo was on a waiting child list sent to me and I remember looking at it and wondering if she could be the one.. and now I am 3 weeks away from flying half way around the world to call her mine. What an amazing 365 days it has been, something tells me the next365 are going to be even MORE amazing. Thanking the Lord for this road, only he could have put before us.


Teresa said...

The average person is looking for instant gratification - they "want-it-now" and perceive that, until they get it, they will be miserable and attaining it will make them happy; all to often, they get what they want and find that it did not bring happiness and they are once again yearning for something... something to make them "feel good."

Your family is NOT AVERAGE!

Your patience is commendable; your impatience was understandable; your yearning has been for Lianqing/Abby - to give her boundless love, a family, a life that she would otherwise never know - and this is what is so special: you want to GIVE, rather than receive!!!

Your "reward" will be incredible, and I cannot wait to share in your Joy & Happiness!!! I cannot wait to meet her!!! I cannot wait to be a part of her new life!!!


anitaschley said...

Hurray! Wow a year ago today.. that is so exciting! I truly hope we can see each other in China- that would be so fun. I would be sad to miss you by just a few days!