Sunday, May 31, 2009

What lies ahead

June 1st is Children's day in China. I am hoping that means some fun is in store for Lianqing. I am really going to concentrate on praying for her this week. Her world is about to be turned upside down and though we all know what good lies ahead for her,she does not. She will only know that she has been taken from the only "home" she has ever known,away from her nannies,friends and routine and handed over to two strange looking people that don't speak her language, who supposedly are her new mama and daddy. I know she will be very scared especially that first day and night. My prayer is that God will send her peace and understanding,that her little confused,broken heart will be able to feel the love and compassion we have for her. Please pray in the days and weeks ahead that God will help Chuck and I to have patience and love that surpasses any situation we may be put in. I already know I could never do what lies ahead on my own..this is a God thing. He will be my strength.So please pray for all of us as we begin this incredible journey..especially little Lianqing.

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Toni said...

You already are aware of the challenges that lie ahead and that is half the battle. Keep your faith strong and you will be great! You are a patient, caring, and loving person! It is God's will that you have found eachother. Best wishes always!